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multi-functional sports tent for sale
multi-functional sports tent for sale

multi-functional sports tent for sale

Why choose Syxtent as your dream tent?

Now every city has this problem, that is to find a sports venue, may encounter many difficulties. Some stadiums and gymnasiums are far away, traffic is inconvenient, some stadiums and gymnasiums are not open to the society, and some stadiums and gymnasiums need to be greatly improved in terms of quality, environment and service. It has low requirement for foundation, can make full use of idle real estate, can make full use of open space and even the roof to build a multi-functional sports tent to solve the existing problems.

Syxtent multi-functional sports tent, with high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy structure, is safe, durable and environmentally friendly. It is very suitable for the construction of temporary or semi-permanent sports venues.

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