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Car exhibition tent
Car exhibition tent

Car exhibition tent

The car exhibition tents provide auto show activities for many 4S shops. Many auto show events will be held in relatively open spaces, mainly because the venue is relatively large, but in the actual use of the car exhibition tents, it is also necessary to look at the auto show. The customer provides a place to rest. At this time, the car exhibition tent plays an important role. In addition, it is not only easy to set up but also provides more choices for customers in terms of specifications and area. Moreover, no matter which kind of activity is held outdoors, the weather factor is the most important influence, so the car exhibition tent must first play a role in ensuring the normal holding of exhibitions and exhibitions. At present, the mainstream automobile exhibition tents are all made of aluminum alloy tent structure. The aluminum alloy material is subjected to wind test and damage test by professional institutions, and can face a variety of bad weather, and is safe and stable. The tarpaulin is a PVC tarpaulin with knife-scraping technology that resists wind tearing, shading and rain. Only by preventing the storms from coming, can we ensure that the activities are as good as possible!

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