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Conventional glass dome tent for sale
Conventional glass dome tent for sale

The spherical tent can also be called a round tent. With its diverse variations and practical effects, the spherical tent has become the number one choice for many events. Some customers think that the use of tarpaulins is not high-end, and if you want to use glass, can you use glass instead of tarpaulin as a wall?

Conventional glass dome tent for sale

The conventional spherical tent consists of a galvanized frame and a PVC tarpaulin, which is sufficient for most occasions. For some customers with unique vision, glass can be used instead of tarpaulin. The change of glass spherical tent is mainly reflected in the material improvement, and there is no difference in structure.

The use of glass material to build a spherical tent has a greater improvement in the ability to resist wind and snow, which can make up for the limitations of the use of conventional tents in severe weather areas. In addition, the combination of aluminum alloy profiles and glass also brings a big change to the appearance, making the spherical tent more attractive to the public, enhancing its high-end unique image, making it more suitable for high-end exhibitions, high-end accommodation and other scenes. Of course, the cost of construction is also much higher than that of a conventional round tent!

There is no problem in creating a round tent with glass. Although the cost of the price has risen a lot, the performance and appearance of the image have been greatly improved.

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