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Useful Pagoda Tent
Useful Pagoda Tent

Do you know why this kind of small tent is always popularly used for outdoor event exhibition?

Facing the shortage of urban land resources and the rising rents, more customers choose activity tents to hold 

events such as exhibitions and celebrations. In such tent exhibition activities, our pagoda tent is the most widely used. 

Today, Shengyixin will take you to know about it.

Part one: Advantage

  1. Structure

Different from ordinary four-corner tents the frame of the pagoda tent is made of steel or aluminum alloy, which is more 

stable and durable, and can resist 8-10 winds.


   2. Double PVC coated polyester

Compared with common tents, the double PVC coated polyester we used has a variety of colors, is suitable for various 

activities, and is sun-proof, wind-proof and rain-proof, and will not age after 8-10 years of use.


   3. Easy to install and dismantle

The transportation and disassembly of the pagoda tent is more convenient and suitable for any ground, which can save 

the time of setting up and arranging the event site; what's more, it can be quickly disassembled after the event.

Part Two: Application

  1.  Booth

Exhibitors usually choose 9m² or 25m² pagoda tents as their station. Such tents have a clear space division and are more 

convenient for product display and layout of customers' seats. The pagoda tents in a row also look very neat and 

beautiful, which can add a lot of value to the exhibition activities.


  2. Security Check

Large-scale event sites will gather a large number of people. In order to ensure the safety of the event, security checks are essential. The sponsor generally sets up a security check pagoda tent at the entrance to provide shade and rain protection, and at the same time provide a good working space for the security personnel. However, since the security inspection 

service does not have high requirements for tents, generally a pointed tent with a small span and no surrounding cloth is 



  3. Service point

In order to cope with various emergencies of the event, administrative services and logistical support departments are 

essential parts of the exhibition. Consulting service stations, rest areas, security centers, temporary medical stations, etc. all require tents to provide indoor space. Pagoda tents with different spans can be selected according to the size of the site, 

or several pagoda tents can be spliced into an activity area.


We have the pagoda tents in 3*3m to 10*10m for you to choose;

If you are interested in them, freely contact the customer service;

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