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Aluminum Alloy Marquee Warehouse Tent--- Economical and Practical Storage Space for Company
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Aluminum Alloy Marquee Warehouse Tent--- Economical and Practical Storage Space for Company

Aluminum Alloy Marquee Warehouse Tent

As a new type of temporary construction facilities in the industry, aluminum alloy warehouse tent is widely used in logistics warehousing, workshop production storage etc.

It is a great help to enterprises that need industrial storage or temporary factories in the short term, and is also favored by many enterprises. Traditional warehouses are being further replaced.


1. Economical

The prefabricated storage tent eliminates the complicated approval process in the early stage of self-built warehouses, and does not require complicated land procedures, and can be built at any time.

Industrial aluminum alloy tents have a short construction period and low cost, and the cost is much lower than that of 

ordinary brick and tile cement structures. It can also be used repeatedly, energy saving and environmental protection;

while reducing the cost of the enterprise, it also strives for greater benefits for the enterprise.


2. Convenience

As the name suggests, the prefabricated storage tent adopts a prefabricated structure, which can be installed and used at any time.

Aluminum alloy modular design has the advantage of easy disassembly&construction, short cycle; It may take 1 days to 

complete the construction project of 1000 square meters tents.

It saves a lot of time for enterprises in terms of installation and disassembly. It can solve the urgent needs of enterprises 

that urgently need storage space.


On the construction site, the tent warehouse has no special requirements. Generally speacking, the tent can be set up on 

the flat ground such as sand, grass, asphalt, cement and ceramic tiles etc. 

Please rest assured that Shengyixin will match you with different fixing methods to ensure safe use.


3. Safety

Our tent adopts an aluminum alloy frame, connected by steel parts, which is strong and durable. The top enclosure is 

made of PVC tarpaulin, high-frequency welding and fixed base; Has strong mechanical properties.


PVC Cover is waterproof windproof, flame-retardant, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, and snow-resistant. It can resist 8-10 

strong winds and can carry 10-15 cm of snow to ensure the safety of the company's goods.


4. Flexible and Practical

Can be used repeatedly.

In the off-season, the size of the tent can be reduced to save space; 

In the peak season, the span can be increased (materials need to be reserved in advance) to ensure the storage of goods.


There are various sizes of prefabricated warehouse tent; the tent can support a span of 3-60 meters; the

length is not limited, can be customized according to the needs of the enterprise size and specifications.

There is no column structure in the middle of the tent, which increases the usable space and increases the storage rate of


The color and accessories of tent can be selected; Customized storage space for the development of the company.

PVC tarpaulin as the most economic choice, is widely used; in order to meet the requirements of the company, the

company can also choose to use toughened glass, ABS board, sandwich board, color steel plate and etc.


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