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A custom storage tent for a large helicopter
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A custom storage tent for a large helicopter

Military helicopter shutdown library. It is necessary to build a custom storage tent for a large helicopter such as a helicopter to ensure that the helicopter can enter and exit freely, and also to ensure the solidity of the overall frame. This is also an opportunity for Shengyixin Tent Company to verify the quality of its own brand.

A custom storage tent

In the temporary storage structure of the tent, the interior of the tent is supported by no frame structure, which is called the internal 100% overall space. This technology was introduced in Germany, and Wuxi was newly contacted as a German tent in the Yangtze River Delta. In the industrial area of ??technology, after nearly 20 years of technological improvement, Wuxi Shengyixin Tent Co., Ltd. has its own mature tent structure technology combined with localization. Facing this non-standard custom structure, Wuxi Shengyixin Tent House Co., Ltd. combines the weight of the top of the tent with the angle of the slope angle, and the self-weight of the tent is dispersed by the support of the end pillars to the direction of the reinforcing steel cables on both sides, relying on the overall support structure of the scattered tent, the *** has done Under the premise of ensuring the safety of load-bearing, the one-sided tarpaulin with a 17-meter-free structure on the one end of the end face allows the helicopter to enter and exit the warehouse without worrying about the difficulty of the column spacing. It is also necessary to fight the iron itself. Wuxi Shengyixin Tent Co., Ltd. is precisely because of understanding the role of the overall frame of the tent, and can read the details of the overall frame of the tent and improve the direction, in order to deliver satisfactory and reliable answers to the customers. With specialization, Wuxi Shengyixin can be tailor-made for customers, according to customer requirements to create a tent suitable for the customer's site, the bottom line is that Wuxi Shengyixin Tent Co., Ltd. has its own independent production workshop, with its own It belongs to its own set of tent production system.

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