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How to estimate the size of the exhibition tent
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How to estimate the size of the exhibition tent

Exhibition tents are becoming more and more popular in various exhibitions. Most of the exhibition tents are glass curtain wall structures.

How to estimate the size of the exhibition tent

Make the interior more transparent, generous, and the external glass curtain wall can make the whole exhibition more design and texture. The flow of people at the exhibition cannot be estimated in detail. The number of guests is also unable to make the expected estimate, then we can not calculate the size of the exhibition tent by the number of guests and the flow of people. But don't worry, the booth is fixed. Due to the traffic-intensive nature of the exhibition, we need to reserve about 2 meters of the aisle on the basis of the booth area. At the same time, we need to confirm the position of the main booth in advance. Around the main booth, the flow of people is definitely higher than the other booths around. The main booth is like the heart of the exhibition. The flow of people through the main booth is distributed to the surrounding booths. Then we need to set aside a large circulation area around the main booth. After all, only the blood vessels are strong, and the blood can flow better throughout the body. If the space is reserved around the main booth, it is recommended to reserve a channel with half the width of the main booth around, so that it can be better circulated, and the exhibition can be carried out.

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