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How to choose the custom size of the warehouse tent
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How to choose the custom size of the warehouse tent

This kind of tent is mostly used in the factory area, and the company's goods are released. Then when we calculate the area of ??the warehouse tent, we first need to consider the unit volume of the cargo. Most of the storage tents are herringbone tents. 

warehouse tent,herringbone tent

The angle of the top corner is fixed. The top height and the side height can be obtained by asking us. After confirming that the height and height can accommodate the unit volume of the goods, it is recommended to reserve a forklift for the storage aisle. The aisle of the radius can effectively use the forklift and other machinery when loading and unloading the goods, eliminating the need for manual unloading due to the inaccessibility of the machine. Generally, a 2.5-meter aisle is reserved, and the other side can be based on your actual situation. In the case, leave two forklift aisles, or reserve a 1.5-meter employee passage on the other side.

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