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Four-corner canopy tent custom
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Four-corner canopy tent custom

The four-corner canopy, also known as the pointed canopy. This is an advanced tent technology introduced by Germany. The four-corner roof adopts a hollow four-sided supporting structure. 

Four-corner canopy tent custom

The entire top surface is firmly fixed by a supporting structure of the middle top beam, and there is no metal structure support inside, which ensures the top of the four corners. The freedom of the interior of the tent. Resting, working, and playing in the room are not subject to space limitations similar to traditional ordinary tents. And Wuxi Shengyixin Tent Company adopts high-quality aviation aluminum as the main material of the profile. After testing by professional institutions, the four-corner canopy of Wuxi Shengyixin Tent Co., Ltd. can be overall resistant to wind 8 and the overall capacity of the four-corner canopy Up to 270kg/m2. This kind of firmness greatly guarantees the safety of your activities in the four-corner canopy. It can be said that the Taishan Mountain collapses in front and does not change color, lying in the pavilion and laughing at Yunqiyunshu.

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