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Aluminum alloy transparent wedding tent
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Aluminum alloy transparent wedding tent

There are tents of 15m, 20m, 25m and other spans for wedding wedding banquets. The brackets are made of high-strength fully oxidized aluminum alloy profiles, which are stable and durable. The tarpaulin fabric is double-sided knives and PVC tarpaulin. It is small in size and easy to transport and store.

Frame: 256*121*4.5mm GB 6061/T6 aluminum alloy, hardness HW≧17;

Aging whitening, tensile strength 290Mpa, elongation: 13%;

Bright and beautiful color, anti-rust, high density, high strength, high toughness, wind resistance up to 8 or more membranes;

The top cloth is double-coated purple 850g/m2PVC, and the double-sided coating is 650g/m2PVC, which is highly waterproof and UV-resistant.

Flame retardant grade up to DIN4102 B1, M2 standard, withstand temperature range -30 °C - +75 °C.

Today's tents are used in a wider range of applications. Whenever we participate in various fairs or watch various sports events, the audience registration office, media interview area, and staff lounge will always see white awnings of various shapes. There are many types of tents - A-shaped tents, combined tents, pointed tents, ball-shaped tents, etc. are the most common, and can be divided into exhibition tents, car show tents, disaster relief tents by purpose. Rooms, wedding tents, warehouse tents, etc. Different tents have different uses.

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