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Beach tent customization
Beach tent customization

In order to promote corporate culture, many companies choose to use the hotel tents to hold annual conferences. These banquets are more likely to be held on grass, lakes and beaches. Then the beach sand is loose, is it safe to build a tent?

Beach tent customization

The emergence of tents makes it impossible to achieve a variety of possibilities. Due to the unique structure of the tents, the tents can be used in almost any venue, not to mention the soft bases such as sand and grass. The hotel banquet tents are of a prefabricated structure and all components are prefabricated at the factory. Most of the hotel banquet tents are of medium size and do not require large lifting equipment. They can be installed and installed on site. For soft ground, steel can be used to penetrate the ground, which better guarantees the stability of the hotel tent.

In addition, the use of banquet tents on the sand will be used to build the platform, not only to provide a flat ground, but also to enhance the banquet grade with other accessories.

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