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Which is more suitable for a dome tent?
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Which is more suitable for a dome tent?

Since the launch of the spherical tent, the reaction in the market has been quite hot, and the spherical transparent tent is also made of a completely transparent PVC tarpaulin. The unique reticulated shell structure can be selected from 3-50 meters in diameter. Activities provide space in different sizes. 

dome tent

However, the current fully transparent spherical tents are more suitable for small-sized spheres, such as tent hotels, ecological gardens, leisure spaces, commercial exhibitions, etc. If large-size spherical tents are recommended, it is more suitable to use translucent tarpaulins. . The unique appearance and variety of spherical transparent tents make it more creative for weddings!

dome tent

The overall structure of the spherical glass tent is not much different from the spherical transparent tent, but there is a big difference in the use of the material. Due to the practical shortcomings of the transparent PVC tarpaulin, the glass ball adopts double-layer transparent tempered glass. The traditional transparent PVC tarpaulin is banned, which gives it a higher-end atmosphere and better resistance to wind and weather, and has a long service life. However, the only shortcoming of the glass ball tent is the high cost, which will be suitable for some high-end wedding activities!

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