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The development process of the warehouse tent
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The development process of the warehouse tent

Traditional warehousing is generally held indoors. With the continuous development of the temporary construction industry, from the initial small tents to the now thousands of flat storage tents.

Most of the storage tents are herringbone-shaped, and the space utilization of the storage tents is high. Moreover, if space is found to be insufficient, it can be extended infinitely on the basis of the original to expand the space, effectively solving the problem of insufficient area. And the spacious storage tent is not only convenient for people to enter and exit, but even large mechanical equipment is in no pressure.

Almost every tent manufacturer now has a complete set of supporting facilities for the storage tent.

In addition, everyone is concerned about the price of storage tents. We all know that it is expensive to build a pavilion, and the various approval procedures are complicated; the construction cost of the warehouse tent is low.

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