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Is it safe to use a tent for warehouses?
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Is it safe to use a tent for warehouses?

Building a regular warehouse requires a lot of human and financial resources and wastes time. So some people choose to use the tent to make a warehouse, is this warehouse safe?

Part 1: frame material

The role of the tent frame is to support the entire tent, so its material is an important factor in determining the safety of the storage tent. At present, most of the tent frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is more stable than traditional steel and aluminum materials.

Moreover, the larger the size of the storage tent, the thicker the aluminum alloy profile used in the frame, so that the tent can be secured sufficiently firm, and the surface of all aluminum alloy profiles will be specially treated to make it It does not affect the quality of the tent due to rust, and the galvanized steel parts connect the entire tent, making the safety and stability of the entire tent more sturdy!

Part 2: wall material

If it is used for long-term storage, the wall of the tent can be made of ABS hard wall or color steel composite board. ABS material has good comprehensive performance, high impact strength and chemical stability! The high-quality color steel composite board has the characteristics of light weight, convenient construction and high strength, and is suitable for storage tents without load-bearing columns!

The tarpaulin used on the top of the storage tent is a PVC knife-coated cloth. Since the top cloth often needs sunshade and rain protection in the outdoor, it will adopt the specification of 850g/m2, and the tarpaulin has high shading, waterproof and moisture-proof. Flame-retardant and tear-resistant properties allow the tent warehouse to be protected from outdoor weather outdoors.

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